Month at a glance

Month at a glance


Our first month together was wonderful. We have become very well acquainted and feel quite comfortable with one another. Our young students are already demonstrating progress in many areas. We are having so much fun singing about letters, shapes and colors. We have many activities planned for October and we are looking forward to sharing the experiences with our children and their families.

Composer of the
Month: Beethoven
Artist of the
month: Pablo Picasso
Letters of the
month: Tt.Pp,Ww,Xx
Sight words of the
month: is, see, like,
go, to, me, on,
of, and ,can & my

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Important notes

During the first week of October, due to the October 1 Photo Day, all Dance Classes for that week will be taught on Wednesday, October 4.
October 2 – Photo Day!
October 20 – Pumpkin Patch Field Trip, busses leave school by 9:30AM, a non-attendance day
October 30 – Halloween Parade / Sing-a-long / Party! 4PM
October 31 – Halloween theme Pajama / Movie / Popcorn Day!

Normal weekly schedule

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays – PFC with Mr. Wes and Mr. Andrew
Tuesdays and Thursdays – Music and Movement with Miss Diane and Mr. Andrew
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays – Spanish Lessons with Miss Julia, Miss Coco, and Miss Miriam
Tuesdays and Thursdays – Mandarin Lessons with Miss Scarlett and Miss Tianyu
Mondays and Wednesdays – Dance class with Miss Tina
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays – Storytelling with Mr. Todd
Tuesdays – Yoga class with Miss Danielle
Fridays – Cooking class with Miss Cynthia
Fridays – Art class with Miss Diane and Mr. Wyatt