Meet Miss Natalie
Miss Natalie Teacher

​Miss Natalie is an incredibly patient and loving woman and has been working with children for her entire adult life.  She proudly worked as a full-time nanny for ten years before choosing to become a preschool teacher.
Natalie grew up in the small town of Gilroy and eventually moved to San Jose to further her education. As a child, she admired her hardworking mother as she dedicated long hours to the Gilroy Unified School district.  Even as a young girl, she began dreaming of becoming an educator like her mom.
Miss Natalie loves working with children as she watches them learn and grow on a daily basis. She believes that every child is different with their own unique approach on life and her goal is to adapt to each child in order to get them to reach their fullest potential.
Miss Natalie received her BA in Child and Adolescent Development from San Jose State University.